AquaPonic - Nursery

 The nutrient-rich water from the fish ponds (made by fish manure and uneaten food) is used to feed the plants in the nursery. 


Indigenous Trees for Carbon Offset

 Planting trees is an effective way to offset carbon emissions and improve the environment for the benefit of climate, wildlife and people.


Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are a major contributor to climate change. During its lifetime one tree will absorb and store between one to three tones of carbon dioxide. We are growing thousands of indigenous trees. Lodges, NGOs or  private people can buy and plant trees to help combat climate change.



Mango Trees & Orchard

Mango trees are growing well in the Zambezi region. The nursery also produces mango trees and we try to encourage the communities, villages and schools to plant mango trees.


We have planted more than 2.000 mangos trees in our own orchard, which will be in fruit next year. The existing mature mango trees produced 500 kg of Mangos in 2019.